3-3-3- Rule for introducing new dogs into your home

I learned about the 3/3/3 rule a while back now during my certification at Unitec.

It’s a great guideline to go by when you’re adopting a dog or getting a new pup. Every dog is different though therefore will react differently.

But the simplistic message is:

“3 days”

Give them space for the first few days to settle in. Use this time to start to build a relationship with them. Start developing routines.

“3 weeks”

Continue with routines. Start training, making it fun and engaging. Mental and physical exercise. Introducing them to the human world around them.

“3 month”

Routines developed. Training continues (actually it never stops). Watch for and work on unwanted behaviours that develop.

But most importantly - build a relationship and have FUN with your training.

A dog having fun is a dog happy to train