Enrichment activities with food

If your after some ideas on how to create some fun and enrichment for your fur kid when it comes to food, recycling household items can sometimes be the way to go. For example, at our house so we use empty egg cartons before they get thrown into the recycling bin.

Leave the lid open and place their dry food inside. If they cotton on real quick, then loosely place the lid back over and let them explore and work out how to get to the food.

We're are great fans of feeding our dogs using something different whenever possible. It gets them using their nose and thinking about how to get their food out - puzzle solving. Our own Snuffle Mats are fantastic for this! (go to our "Shop" tab to learn more).

Apart from their usual kibble we might pop in some carrots and apple also (and if they’re extra good they just may get a tiny bit of cheese )

Think of different ways you can feed your dog rather than using their bowl.

If you have a chewer or a destroyer, make sure feeding like this is supervised so they don’t eat the carton also!