Biothane Long Lines

Longs Lines are not only useful just for Recall training but also help you give your dog the freedom to roam and sniff safely, while you maintain awareness & control of where they are.

Please play our YouTube video with captions enabled to watch & read on some of the ways you can use a long line either as a short lead, to reinforce recall and allowing your dog the ability to roam - all the while with you safely having control at the other end of the line.

As a dog owner you may already have some gear sorted for your dog such as a lead and collar. As trainer's, we also recommend investing in a good quality long line.

We sell Biothane Long Lines that:

  • Don't absorb odours

  • Are waterproof and easily dried

  • Are easy to clean

  • Have stainless steel components that don't rust

Our Long Lines are available in:

  • 5m or 10m lengths

  • 13mm or 16mm widths

  • Colour options are: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue

Depending on the size & strength of your dog will help determine the right Long Line for you.

Price guide:

  1. 13mm x 5metre = $64

  2. 13mm x 10m = $92

  3. 16mm x 5m = $78

  4. 16mm x 10m = $120

To check colour options and to order, please click on the Order Form link below. Fill out your details and we will get in touch with you to complete your order.