Greyhound Lifeskills: Positive socialising with other dogs

In this workshop, we will share, discuss and demonstrate strategies on how to introduce your Greyhound to another dog in a positivie and safe manner.


It will benefit those Greyhound owners who:


A few of the topics covered off in this workshop are:


This workshop will also incorporate managed & controlled hands-on exercises with our rescue dogs of mixed breeds.  This will help you observe, identify and learn in a real-time and practical manner.


We’d love you to join us for a fun session of learning & sharing.

This workshop is conducted in our private & secure training premises conveniently located 5 minutes north of Albany Mall, North Shore, Auckland.

Investment for this 2 hour workshop is $150 (includes Group follow-up notes to be emailed at the conclusion of the workshop)

Upcoming 2024 workshop