Virtual Consult

There is no doubt that the way in which we communicate with each other rapidly changed over the past few years. Although, virtual communication has been a channel around for a while, it is now becoming a more common tool used to connect with family, friends and businesses.

At K9 FUNdamentals, we also recognise the convenience and ease of this communication channel when it comes to interacting with some of our clients. We continue to offer this service to clients as a convenient way for them to schedule a discussion surrounding issues they may be having with their dog. All done regardless of where you are located but feel the need to seek some advice where a physical face-to-face session is not necessarily required.

Our process typically involves either a 30 minute or 60 minute virtual consult. We usually request that our client try and take a quick video of the behaviour that is causing concern. Any filming should not be done if the identified behaviour is causing the dog to be distressed. We review the video prior to the consult in order to examine the issue. Thereafter we schedule a time with our client and work through possible causes and then move onto recommendations as to the way forward.

The investment for a virtual consult is:

  • $80 for 30 minutes or $160 for 60 minutes

  • Post consultation notes are emailed as a follow-up

(Please note that virtual consults are not suitable for certain behavioural issues.)